Our Team

Welcome to AXEL

At AXEL, you will find a team with a long-standing technological and entrepreneurial experience that understands your ideas, needs and motivation and works with you on solutions.

Christos Klamouris is your central point of contact and responsible for the AXEL programs. He studied electrical engineering and information technology at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) and formed a business management competence in all areas of corporate management after studying entrepreneurship at the Karlsruhe Cooperative State University.

As the founder of a high-tech-startup he gained recent experience in entrepreneurial thinking and acting successfully managing teams and industrial projects in the field of energy and turning technical innovations into products.

Christos supports you with a lot of commitment in all questions around your startup as if he were a co-founder.


Michael Schön is an engineer with a focus on energy technology. During his long-time research and consulting work at the Fraunhofer Society and at a private research institute as well as at an energy company he familiarized himself with the wide range of technical and economic areas of the "energy" topic.

As a managing director of fokus.energie he has a an extensive network of contacts to companies, research organizations and public administration at his disposal. He is happy to share his rich (significant) experience and contacts with young company founders.

You can ask him anything you want to know in connection with AXEL and fokus.energie. Michael will definitely be able to name a contact person suitable for you.


Hans Hubschneider is a computer scientist from the very beginning. He founded PTV Corp with IT applications in transport sector in 1979, which he managed till 2011. Since then he is also active in energy economy and technology areas.

Besides his active participation in startups in the fields of mobility and energy, he also supports the Innovation Plattform EIT InnoEnergy and the Think Tank "Internet of Energie" at the Federation of German Industries (BDI). Since 2014 Hans Hubschneider is the Chairman of the Board of fokus.energie regional energy network that connects education, research and founders support in the TechnologyRegion Karlsruhe.

He has been showing his commitment to young companies for many years as a Chairman of the Advisory Board of Technologiefabrik Karlsruhe.  And AXEL - Energy Accelerator is the new favorite project: we want to help both young and mature individuals to become business owners in energy area!


Petra Schwab with her professional background as a corporate lawyer and business economist provides knowledge and experience from corporate practice. She is responsible for cooperation between members and partners, organization of events and administration tasks at fokus.energie and AXEL.

She is your contact for any questions concerning joint collaboration and cooperation events as well as other questions all about fokus.energie and AXEL.


Elvira Bosler is responsible for Marketing and Communication at AXEL. She is managing the social media channels as well the websites of fokus.energie and AXEL. She is also responsible for management and organization of events and supports accounting.

Elvira successfully graduated from the University of Applied Science in Karlsruhe in 2017 and has experience in online marketing and quality assurance.

Do you have questions about events, fixed dates, newsletter. etc. about AXEL? Don't hesitate to contact Elvira.