Meet our Start-ups


  • Batalyse is an innovative Software that evaluates the measurement data from energy storage intelligently and generates result diagrams automatically.
  • The time effort needed for measurement data entry and evaluation can be reduced up to 90-95%.
  • The software is designed for scientists and development engineers in research and industry.


  • MicrogridCreator is the high performance and user-friendly simulation and optimization platform for decentralized energy systems
  • Web-based software allows planning, design and optimization of more complex sector-coupled decentralized energy systems with up to 30% savings of investment and emissions compared to conventional methods
  • The software is designed for planners and operators of Microgrids to define feasibility, rentability and operation strategy


  • HILABS Ltd has developed a product for electric energy storage, ABBy
  • ABBy is a technical and economically scalable electricity storage device for stationary and mobile applications based on the zink-air technology
  • It utilizes air and low cost zinc metal as fuel and its energy density is thus many times higher than that of conventional lithium-ion batteries


  • A lightweight electric small vehicle for the urban use as delivery, courier and service vehicle
  • Optional noiseless and emission free fuel cell motor
  • The overall energy management system to be developed optimizes the use of stored energy


  • PE-Systems solutions allow freedom for innovation for developers
  • An extensive database speeds up the process of component selection
  • The software solution for optimized design of power-electronic systems via mathematic algorithms


  • Peer-to-Peer sale of energy to local households. Share your self-generated energy in a cost-efficient and operator-friendly way with your neighbors.
  • Hardware controls the power flow and a digital service model offers services for clients.
  • Higher compensation for power producers than the feed-in tariff and affordable renewable energy from the nearby region for recipients


  • A software solution for current-carrying capacity forecasts of high-voltage cables based on the distributed measured weather data
  • It allows to utilize electric grids optimally at any moment and depending on the favorable weather conditions such as strong winds
  • Grid operation adjusted accordingly should bridge bottlenecks which could result in the increase of power transmission of about 20%. 


  • A novel approach to the Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs), a new concept Concentric Rotary Engine.
  • Up to 4 times smaller and lighter, up to 20 % lower fuel consumption and less CO2 emissions than conventional gasoline engines, up to 80 % less NOx emissions.
  • Automobiles & trucks – Naval – Aviation – Drones – Trains, Cranes – Oil wells


  • A heating device for bus stops and trams stations with high energy efficiency
  • Energy generation from soil and waste water via heat pumps
  • Constant energy supply, energy saving of up to 50% of primary energy

Vintage Automotive Reengineering

  • Restauration of vintage cars based on modern E-Technology
  • Application on automobile electric motor technology of latest generation
  • Increasing vehicle safety, dynamics and reliability via innovative customization solution

edge | it: Green Cloud Computing

  • Decentralized cloud computing in synergy with renewable energies
  • Intelligent swarm platform for efficient coordination of distributed edge data centers
  • Smart energy management for the whole swarm group